Lullalove – laadukasta designia pienokaisille

Lullalove is founded in 2013 and it’s focused on making the best childhood memories through good design. Inspired by simplicity and functionality of products for little ones designers strive to combine multifunctional high-quality materials, ideas and utility in our products. Lullalove aim to make parents’ lives easier and at the same time make children smile.

Thanks to our art & design education, years of experience, and above all customers’ appreciation in Poland and Europe we are certain that you also will love us and share our passion. Lullalove is a perfectly balanced team that enjoys the act of creation and problem solving with love, natural products, and fabrics. We have a lot of new ideas that are waiting to be designed. Recently Lullalove has received a lof of consumer’s and design awards that confirm a high quality of our products. We are looking with optimism and excitement to the future.

Lullalove Team

babyMRB SuperToy – aisteja stimuloiva helistin

Kevyt, neulottu peitto/kapalo


babyMRB SuperToy – sensory rattle

MRB Cutie aisteja stimuloiva laukku

MRB pehmeä tyyny

MRB aisteja stimuloiva kangaskirja

MRB vaahtearapuinen purulelu

MRB-purulelu luonnonkumista

miniMRB SuperToy – sensoripeitto

Superpehmeä pyyhe korvilla

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